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Model Families

"Model Families", often headed by women, are selected from previous beneficiaries who have shown a strong desire to maintain daily their good practices for their own good and to disseminate their knowledge with their community. They act as examples and teachers, ready to open their house and gardens to their neighbors, creating a rippling effect in their community. The houses in the city of Bluefields are especially close together, and neighbors can observe and learn from the gardens of model families as well as ways to adapt to climate change.  The most active women become promotors and accompany new model families.    


Model families benefit from all the technical solutions proposed by blueEnergy, including: water (wells, water filter, captation of rain water, grey water treatment system in the garden), hygiene (dry latrines or ecobaños), cooking (eco-stove to save wood and avoid unhealthy smoke while cooking), and nutrition.


Family gardens are adapted to their home and elaborated upon, following permaculture principles where the family grows vegetables, fruits and spices to enrich their diet.  The water used in the house is recycled in the garden, and excess water is absorbed by banana circles.  Dry plants, compostable garbage are used as fertilizer.  Even so, it is actually the beauty of these gardens that have the most attractive effect on the neighbors.

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