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Capacity Building

Capacity Building Program

One of blueEnergy's fundamental missions is to provide skills and organizational strengthening with the aim of increasing autonomy and self-sufficiency so that beneficiaries can lead  their own development.  blueEnergy fosters a participatory environment where experts, local technicians, and community members work together to share knowledge and experience, thereby improving the capabilities of the local population and partner institutions, as well as its own internal operating capacity.

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Frontline Populations

The first step in capacity building for the populations we partner with is to offer training in different practices regarding food security, water, sanitation, and hygiene, and renewable energy, always adapted to the local environment. Then, we  provide practical accompaniment of the installations to ensure their proper use and maintenance, incorporating workshops and trainings on  water wells and filter cleaning as well as garden bed maintenance for the protection of the environment and increase in resiliency. Finally, we train and support selected model families and promoter women to multiply those good practices in their community. 

Local Team

blueEnergy invests significant time in training our  staff in theoretical and practical technical skills, such as technology training, English-language classes, and administrative and leadership skills. blueEnergy also sponsors professional training at local and national universities as well as national or international training organizations.  

We  also promote and support participation in thematic working groups and conferences. From sponsoring blueEnergy staffs' training and certification to become bio intensive agricultural specialists to sending team members to national and international conferences like the  UN Climate Conference, blueEnergy prioritizes investing in our long-time blueEnergy leaders and new team members alike.


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