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Women Empowerment

Capacity Building Program

Since women are primarily responsible for water and food, health, and child-education, they are the first beneficiaries of our programs. In Nicaragua in particular, women are overwhelmingly single-heads of families. blueEnergy supports women to take responsibility in neighborhood organizations, to promote technical solutions and good practices, to conduct information campaigns and training actions. In Ethiopia, blueEnergy works in partnership with MCMDO–Mothers and Children Multisectorial Development Organization–where women and children are the priority recipients.


Promoter Women

Highly motivated women appropriate for themselves the solutions for water, sanitation, gardening and cooking. They become promoters in their neighborhoods and receive continued support from blueEnergy.  In order to inspire their neighbors to get involved, their initiatives include sharing the drinkable water they produce and hygiene practices they learn, vegetables they grow with nutrition guidance.   

This promoter women approach is specifically adapted to marginalized communities in partnership with associations for elderly and disabled people. 


Women Leadership

blueEnergy offers training and support to women toward leadership positions.

For instance, blueEnergy trains water committee leaders, who are in the great majority women. The women leaders hold the accounts of the committee, manage the water well maintenance, and ensure proper hygiene practices. 


blueEnergy employees, including women, have also been sent to get certifications in agroecology to training centers in Nicaragua and California, who on return reintegrate blueEnergy programs or start their own. 


The Country Director of blueEnergy Nicaragua, who started in 2009 as an intern in accounting, had become the financial director before her new promotion as Director in 2018, while studying all along. 

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