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Give the Gift of Light, Water, and Food

At blueEnergy, we firmly believe that transformative change begins at the grassroots level. Our locally-driven approach engages with rural, off-grid communities, where we operate at the intersection of renewable energy, water, sanitation, hygiene, and food security. Your support is instrumental in enabling us to continue this vital work.


As we approach the culmination of 2023, we are reaching out to our compassionate community for assistance in raising $10,000. This fund will play a crucial role in fortifying the well-being of families and fostering resilience within communities on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and throughout Ethiopia with fresh water, food, and light.


With a track record of impacting 182,000 lives and empowering numerous communities, blueEnergy remains committed to driving change from the bottom-up. For the past 19 years, we have implemented an integrated, holistic approach, particularly in communities made-marginalized and isolated in Nicaragua and Ethiopia, going where others do not. 


Your contribution goes directly toward initiatives in the field. Here's a breakdown of the tangible impacts your support can achieve:

$25: Can help plant a family garden, ensuring access to nutrition and food security.


$75: Can bring (solar) lights into a family's home for the first time.


$150: Can install a fuel-efficient cookstove, immediately improving air quality and reducing deforestation.


$250: Can secure fresh water for an entire family, especially crucial in the face of changing rainfall patterns and prolonged dry seasons.


$1,500: Can equip and train a family in climate change adaptation and food security, creating leaders and role models within their communities.


$3,500: Can build an eco-baño for a family or school 


$5,000: Can make you a member of our Leadership Circle, showcasing your dedication to healthy families and resilient communities, with a special token of gratitude from Bluefields.

Established in 2004, blueEnergy collaborates with isolated communities in Nicaragua and Ethiopia to develop solutions that can be applied globally. Our innovative work has earned recognition from CNN Heroes, Larry King Live, the Tech Awards, the Energy Globe Awards, and the Ashoka Fellowship.

We take pride in our commitment to transparency and accountability. As a #GuidestarPlatinum organization, we provide the highest Seal of Transparency, showcasing the progress and results we're achieving toward our mission. Explore our profile at

You can further support us by spreading the word. Post our campaign on your Facebook page and give us a like at


Please note that the specific impacts listed with each donation amount are for illustrative purposes only. Every gift to blueEnergy represents a contribution to our overall mission, driving positive change and sustainable development in the communities we serve. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey.


"At the beginning I was afraid to participate in these activities, because I did not finish my studies, barely reaching third grade. I thought that doing this, building food-producing gardens, talking to other families about the biointensive method, was only for people who already had a university degree. Although I thought several times about giving up, here I am, sharing my experience and my results with families that-through my promotion-have been motivated to do it also in their homes. The idea is that every day there are more of us, that more families are motivated to improve their nutrition and economy.”

Ligia Juliana Cruz, originally from Bluefields, model family and community promoter


"During the process of participation in the course of my time as a candidate, I have felt a lot of satisfaction, commitment and at the same time joy to be part of this family of blueEnergy. I have been very impressed by the part in which they are organized as a team, in addition to the integration of beneficiaries such as seniors and people with disabilities. We have had the opportunity to work and exchange with them. In addition, the process of biointensivism is the most interesting part of it all. The changes that I have noticed in me are the complementation of knowledge, the learning and acquisition of skills and abilities and the personal growth that we are developing.”

Cesia Mejía, a native of Bluefields, student of agroforestry engineering at URACCAN University, candidate for certification as a basic teacher in thebiointensive method, PROCERMABI

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