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Renewable Energy

Capacity Building Program

It is widely accepted that access to electricity and other modern energy sources is a necessary condition for modern development. But in many parts of the world, energy services are not available. On the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, more than 75% of the population does not have access to energy, and without energy they are left isolated and literally in the dark. 

blueEnergy is not just an energy provider in remote areas. blueEnergy sees the provision of energy as an integral part of a broader process leading to self-reliance and improvement of the social environment. This ecosystem approach is based on broad community participation, continuous capacity building, appropriate financing methods and optimal energy use.

Technology We Implement 


Portable Solar Lanterns

Portable lanterns-powered with solar energy-are supplied to people, homes, and communities for clean power and lights on the go. 


Solar Microgrid

Solar microgrids supply clean power to communities and distributed school campuses.  


Home Solar System

Home solar systems provide solar energy through panels installed next to the home. They provide clean electricity for light and communication, and refrigerators to store food.  

Prueba bolsas almacenamiento gas3.jpg


Large-scale biodigesters at municipal slaughterhouses reduce energy consumption, eliminate byproduct runoff, and improve environmental conditions for those living near the slaughterhouses. 

Ethiopia - Solar power plant at Gambella #3.jpg

Solar Power Plant

Solar power plants supply clean power to institutions like health centers and schools. 


Eco Stove

Community eco stoves are more fuel efficient and emit less harmful pollutants and fumes, which disproportionately affect women and children. 

Project Highlights


Solar Microgrid at CETAA


Rastro Verde Biodigestor


Solar Micro grid at CETAA

Learn more about the largest solar microgram on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua installed at the Center for Technical Environmental and Agroforestry Education in Wawashang, Nicaragua




Solar Microgrid at COPRAJ

Learn more about the solar microgrid at the Occupational and Prevention Center for Youth and Adolescents (COPRAJ) in Nicaragua with project funding from the EDF Foundation




Koromi Project

A short video introducing an integrated community solution in the village of Koromi in Ethiopia.



History of the program

2004 - Present

Co-founder Mathias Craig began blueEnergy within the context of renewable energy, after multiple trips to the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua in his youth and studies of renewable wind energy at MIT. Mathias and co-founder Lâl Marandin implemented the very first wind turbine in Bluefields, Nicaragua and later adapted the program to include solar power with Mathias’ brother and co-founder Guillaume Craig.Wind turbine systems were too difficult and costly to maintain in the local environment. Solar Power–adapted specifically to the Caribbean coast–functioned much more efficiently and continues to be implemented in beneficiary communities  until today.


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