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blueEnergy views impact from a holistic perspective, where basic services are part of an integrated approach to achieve successful results and positive social impact. This approach includes extensive community involvement. In blueEnergy's participatory approach, any accompanying action responds to needs that have been identified and expressed by the population. Solutions are designed, developed, and implemented in partnership with the population concerned and with the agreement and support of local institutions. We then further train, within the population, people who relay and promote good practices and chosen solutions.

Women Empowerment

considering the central and dynamic role of women for social and domestic life and focusing on women’s needs and requests, empowering them to improve their lives. 


Capacity Building

by providing skills and organizational strengthening with the aim of increasing autonomy and self-sufficiency so that beneficiaries can lead their own development.


Impact Expansion

designed by blueEnergy to scale our impact through sharing at the local, national, and international level.

"Today we are breaking ground on a very important project. Five years ago, we didn't even have a biodigester. blueEnergy has been a key partner, not only in the management of this project, but we are working together on access to water and sanitation, on the legalization of neighborhood water committees, and in the schools. blueEnergy is a very important partner, so I want to thank them publicly. We will continue to work together... because there is still a lot of work to do!"

Carla Martin Brooks, Deputy Mayor, Inauguration of Rastro Verde  

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