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Open Source Impact Model

A key framework through which blueEnergy operates is our Open-Source Impact Model--scaling our impact through sharing at the local, national, and international level. Institution-to-institution strengthening through providing technical assistance, convening conferences, building associations and doing case studies, strengthens our ecosystem of actors that share our  vision of building a more equitable, sustainable world.

blueEnergy works at the edge of the world, where there is a tremendous mismatch between the complexity of the problems being faced and the capacity of the local population and partner institutions to handle them. The implication is that blueEnergy must facilitate complementary elements of the total solution while strengthening existing partnerships and building new ones to reach its long-term energy-focus objective. blueEnergy achieves this by leveraging international and national partnerships to attract high-caliber volunteers, employees and consultants from around the world to the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and throughout Ethiopia.

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Open Source Impact Model


First we research what solutions are out there, what has worked, what has not, and why. We then develop pilot projects and adapt the global best practices to the social, environmental and economic realities  of the local context. Then we organize the methodology, resources, and tools to implement projects on the ground, documenting not just our direct impact, but the process for achieving sustainable, asset-based community development.

Scale Through Sharing

We scale three ways. The first is by equipping, inspiring, and training future global leaders within our international network. The second is through institution to institution strengthening by providing technical assistance, convening conferences, building associations, and co-developing direct implementation project stakeholders. Finally, we document our results and learnings and share our publications and experiences to strengthen the global network of practitioners and reach a broad audience.

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