Community Development Program


Our Community Development Program focuses on supporting our field partners in equipping and accompanying families and communities across three thematic areas: renewable energy; water, sanitation, and hygiene; and food security.


We leverage asset-based community development to improve the health of families and resilience of their community all within a gender-informed lens and climate change adaptation context.

While the specific definition of community and family may change according to geography, context, or time, we believe that technologies should not be given away, nor do they exist in a vacuum.

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We work in an integrated, holistic manner which uses technical interventions as a vehicle to deliver community capacity building and empowerment for sustainable development.

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We believe that communities should lead their own development, and our role is to support them in the articulation of their development goals and mobilization of resources. Together, we move towards resilience in the face of a changing climate and growing global inequities.

Capacity Building Program


We work to build the
capacity of global leaders
through service learning
opportunities, internal
training, and cross-cultural

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We believe all leaders
within our organization, our
network of partnership, and
our sphere of influence can
benefit from focused
efforts to cultivate the skills
and competencies of an
effective global leader.


We work with our partners and networks of alliance to ensure a global impact through capacitity building in  the themes of project formulation, strategic planning, communication, methodology sharing, and South-South knowledge exchange.