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Meet blueEnergy

Mission and Vision 

blueEnergy works for a more equitable, sustainable world at the nexus of renewable energy, water, sanitation, and hygiene, and food security within the context of a changing climate. 


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of those living at the margins of globalization by empowering families and communities with basic services. We focus on gender equality and increasing self-sufficiency through local capacity-building. 


Our vision is a world of sustainable living and opportunity for all. 

Our Values

Our Approach

We Go Where
Others Do Not

We prioritize working in some of the world’s most marginalized and isolated 

communities, many of which are rural and off-grid. 

We Take Diversity

Solving the complex challenges we take on requires many perspectives. Our team reflects the diversity to include the voices of women and indigenous people. 

We Stick

We work to create lasting impact by staying engaged with the people we serve. We build local capacity by working with local authorities, institutions, and other key stakeholders.

We Don’t Give
Things Away

We look for beneficiary participation in labor, hosting support, and in the form of financial contribution to show an interest in and commitment to the solutions we offer.

Our Values
Leadership Team
Our History

Join Us

Empower families and communities
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