Healthy Families and Resilient Communities


15 years of building a more equitable, sustainable world

Empowering healthy families and resilient communities 

Driving transparency and dialogue in our work and impact

The mission of blueEnergy is to empower healthy families and resilient communities by unlocking access to renewable energy, safe water, sanitation, hygiene, and sustainable food security in the face of a changing climate.


blueEnergy’s primary organizational focus is on development and capacity building projects which are scaled for communities, with high levels of buy-in and participation by those communities. blueEnergy focuses on supporting communities to unlock leadership and technical capacity alongside access to basic services.


blueEnergy's aim is community scaled, community-driven projects in the themes of capacity building; access to renewable energy; access to water, sanitation, and hygiene; and food security.

blueEnergy seeks to ensure that our community development projects benefit everyone, but particularly the most vulnerable and those living at the margins of globalization.


blueEnergy's capacity building efforts focus on building leadership and excellence in individuals, institutions, and alliances. Building capacity is as essential to our impact as our community development efforts.

We are a multinational, multiethnic, multilingual group of change makers

We collaborate across sectors, spaces, geographies, and time

We commit to our own development as much as the development of the communities with which we partner

We innovate, experiment, and adapt

We partner, share, celebrate, and empower

We are resilient and face challenges and failures as learning space

We are all blueEnergy

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